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Welcome to allergy answers: sinus infection symptoms,
a simple step by step guide to the causes, symptoms and treatment of sinusitis

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Sinus infection symptoms cause pain and misery to millions of adult and children sufferers every year.

Sinus infection ( sinusitis) includes some or all of these syptoms:

  • Moderate to severe headache
  • Facial pain and tenderness
  • Dental pain - both sharp and throbbing
  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath

Severe sinus infection symptoms may be
acute, subacute or chronic with many cases of sinus infection recurring several times within a year.

sinus infection symptoms - sinus headache

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Sinus Infection Symptoms - Common Questions

What are sinuses?
Sinuses are small air-filled passageways and air pockets within bone and tissue. The sinuses that develop sinusitis are the paranasal sinuses - a group of four types of sinus within the head.These are the maxillary sinuses underneath the eyes, the frontal sinuses on the lower forehead, the ethmoid sinuses between the nose and eyes and the sphenoid sinuses at the base of the skull.

How do sinuses become infected?
These air filled sinuses also contain mucus which drains into the nasal cavity through small passages called Ostia. These small passages become inflamed as a result of allergic reactions, or viral infections such as the flu and can easily become blocked. When blocked the mucus is no longer able to drain into the nasal passage and infection occurs. Maxillary sinus infection symptoms are the most common.
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What are the symptoms of sinusitis?
There are numerous sinus infection symptoms including any combination of: blocked nose, facial pain, headache, general illness, thick green or yellow nasal discharge, a tight or full feeling in the face, dizziness, night-time coughing, aching teeth, bad breath, wheezing, and reduced sense of smell. These symptoms may have many other causes and if they persist or get worse, it is always advisable to be seen by your family doctor.
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What are the complications of sinusitis?
Severe sinus infection symptoms may result as complications of the original infection, because the brain is very close to the sinuses, there is the danger of infection spreading to the brain through blood vessels and neighbouring bone which may cause abscesses, meningitis and in extreme cases, personality changes, visual problems, seizure, coma and possible death.

Sinus infection treatments
Treatment of sinus infection symptoms can include decongestant, nasal flushes, antibiotics, steroids and surgery.
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The Paranasal Sinuses

1. Frontal sinuses... 2. Ethmoid sinuses
Sphenoid sinuses... 4. Maxillary sinuses

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